About Us

Supporting our local community

Stamford Kiwanis were founded in 1977 to “support the poor and needy in Stamford and surrounding area”. We are a group of local businessmen and professionals who raise money for Stamford and District Kiwanis Community Trust Fund (Registered Charity No 1077288).

We have 3 major fund raising events every year, starting in June with the Festival Parade, then a Bonfire Extravaganza in November, finishing off with Santa’s Tour leading up to Christmas.

All funds are collected locally and given back to local good causes including:-

Evergreen Trust – meals, companionship, home help and support for older people
Alternatives Stamford – provides sex and relationship education and help for crisis pregnancies
Homestart – parental support for vulnerable young families
Christ Church Centre – desperately needed community facilities and services
Scouts and Guides
Friends of Stamford Recreation Ground
Corn Exchange Theatre
Christ Church Children’s Christmas Party
Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme – Stamford
Cancer Relief McMillan Fund
St. John Ambulance
Rutland Accident Care Scheme
Darby & Joan Club
Arthritis Care
Motor Neurone Disease Association
Marie Curie Nurses
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Stamford Brass
Sports Aid Foundation
Good Companions
Disability Lincs
Malcolm Sargent Cancer Fund
Stamford Skatepark
Stamford Red Cross
Easton Playgroup
Queen Eleanor School
Ketton Cricket Club
Barnack Pre school
Stamford Food Bank
CRUSE – bereavement support

Kiwanis were founded in the USA. In the American Indian language ‘Nunc Kee-wanis’ means ‘we trade’ or ‘we share talents’. The organisation has 600.000 members, mostly in USA and Europe. There are 10 clubs in the UK. Stamford Kiwanis currently have little contact with the International arm.

Our events bring people together and everyone has some fun and through these events Stamford and District Kiwanis raise £10-15,000 each year.

Past Presidents

1976-1978    A.R. BINGHAM
1978-1979    P. ROBSON
1979-1980    A. HARWOOD
1980-1981    V. HENRY
1981-1982    R. HOULDEN
1982-1983    J. FENN
1983-1984    B. COLES
1984-1985    R.J. SHORROCK
1986-1986    P. TROTH
1986-1987    R.J. DOUGLAS
1987-1988    K. WILLIAMSON
1988-1989    R. EDWARDS
1989-1990    P. GREGORY
1990-1991    A. PROCTOR
1991-1992    P. LUDLOW
1992-1993    T.R. WALMSLEY
1993-1994    C.J. MILLS
1994-1995    C. ALCOCK
1995-1996    A.R. GOWERS
1996-1997    C. BELCHER
1997-1998    T. GRANGE
1998-1999    R. WATSON
1999-2000    J. WILLIS
2000-2001    J. WILLIS
2001-2002    D. PALLETT
2002-2003    T. NICHOL
2003-2004    K. WILLIAMSON
2004-2005    T. WALMSLEY
2005-2006    G. BELL
2006-2007    A. GRAHAM
2008        B. GIBSON
2009        J. WILLIAMS
2010        J. WILLIAMS
2011        D. EPPS
2012        J. DANN
2013        R. PEACE
2014    R. PEACE
2015    D. EPPS
2016    S. MARSH
2017    S. MARSH